[How To] Undo Clicking Never Save Password For This Site In Google Chrome

Learn how to undo once you have clicked never save passwords for this site in Google Chrome.If you have clicked “Never for this site” for a login page and want to rollback and change this settings for that login page or site, follow this guide

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Access Firefox Bookmarks Easily via Bookmark Keywords

Learn how to add and use bookmark keywords in Mozilla Firefox.You can simply assign a shortcut keyword for any bookmark and access it by typing that keyword in the address bar.

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Remove Most Visited Sites from Google Chrome on new tabs

Google chrome,the much settled browser (has been taken out of Beta recently) by now from search engine giant Google boasts of many features.’Most Visited Sites’, which brings all under one tab is mostly discussed among those.Even though many people liked it, but as users were not provided with a feature to remove this feature from […]

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