Slow Performing Add-ons In Firefox

A poorly written extension (add-on) can slowdown the start-up time and performance of Mozilla Firefox. Learn how to find the slow performing Firefox add-ons to improve the performance of Firefox.

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[Tip] Disable Built-In PDF Viewer In Google Chrome

A quick guide on how to disable the default built-in PDF Viewer plugin in Google Chrome so that we can use any external third-party PDF Reader plugin in Chrome.

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[Tip] Edit The Firefox Maximum And Minimum Zoom Levels

A tutorial on how to edit the maximum and minimum zoom levels in Mozilla Firefox from default values of 300p.c and 30p.c.

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[Tip] Get Warned Before Closing Multiple Tabs In Google Chrome

Learn how to add confirm before closing multiple tabs warning message in Google Chrome to prevent loosing currently opened tabs on accidental clicks.

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[Tip] Voice Search For Google Chrome

Install the Voice Search extension for Google chrome to search the web using your PC’s microphone. Voice search supports all major search engines including Google.

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CTRL + Tab Tabs Preview Feature In Firefox

A concise tutorial on how to quickly enable the Ctrl + Tab tabs preview in Mozilla Firefox browser (3.6 or later versions) to quickly switch between the opened tabs by previewing them.

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[Tip] Disable ‘Recently Closed Tabs’ In Firefox

A complete tutorial on how to clear, disable, delete or turnoff the recently closed tabs in Firefox browser. You can also configure the number of recently closed tabs to be remembered.

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[Download] Firefox 4 Beta 8

Download the free Mozilla Firefox Beta 8 browser release coming with new improved Firefox Sync, polished add-on manager and vast number of bug fixes.

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[Download] Opera 11 Release Candidate 1 (RC)

Download the Opera 11.00 Release Candidate 1 (RC) for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Opera 11 supports extensions and has come up with wide range of feature enhancements.

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[Tip] Open Google Page Automatcially With Every New Tab In Firefox

Set Mozilla Firefox to Open a default URL like whenever you open a new tab. You can also set Home page to open with new tabs. Read this post to learn how!

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