Google Buzz Official Share Buttons Released

Google has officially released the Google Buzz share buttons for websites.These buttons allow us to share any content in Google Buzz with a single click.

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New In Buzz: Inbox Notifications Control & Easy-To-Find “Mute” Link

Google has added few more features that can control users buzz inbox settings and other privacy settings.Users will be now notified why a particular buzz post has been sent to inbox with an easily find-able “Mute” link

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Google Responds Again Over Google Buzz Privacy Concerns

In a very instances that you would ever going to see, Google has apologized to the users who had raised concerns over their privacy in Google Buzz.This made Google to change some settings in Google Buzz.

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Extension Focus: Google Buzz Updates in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Buzz extension places a small buzz icon when you install it in your chrome that notifies you about your Google Buzz updates right from the icon, without needing to open new window to check your buzz updates.

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Google Buzz : Google’s One More Attempt @ Social Media

Google Buzz has just arrived.Check your Gmail if you have got it for your account.Google buzz is a social sharing tool that allows to you share, comment, post updates like you do in Twitter.Google Buzz mobile version is the one that will have more potential as this uses GPS of your phone to find ‘What people are saying in the area’.Yahoo had similar service called Yahoo Updates from last year.

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