[Tip] Know The File Size Before You Download It In Firefox

Get the size of the file before beginning the download in Mozilla Firefox browser using the “Show File Size” add-on / extension.

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Google’s Spam Report Extension For Chrome

Google Webspam Report extension for Google Chrome by Google lets you report the spam results in Google search results page, directly from the search result page.

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[How To] Save And Manage Google Chrome Sessions

By default Google Chrome doesn’t offer you to save and manage browsing sessions automatically.Checkout these tips on how to save and access browsing sessions in Google Chrome.

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Speed Dial For Google Chrome [Extension]

The extension Speed Dial for Chrome lets you add the Speed Dial feature in Google Chrome.This extension offers a better new tab for Google Chrome replacing its default new tab page.

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RSS Subscription Extension For Google Chrome

Want to easily subscribe to RSS Feeds of any website using Google Chrome? Google Chrome, by default doesn’t give offer this feature but installing this “RSS Subsciption” extension does the same with ease.

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How To Auto Refresh A Web Page In Google Chrome ?

It is very easier to implement Auto Refresh for a web page using ChromeReload extension in Google Chrome similar to ReloadEvrery add-on for Firefox.The auto refresh time interval can be setup manually.

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Extension Focus: Google Buzz Updates in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Buzz extension places a small buzz icon when you install it in your chrome that notifies you about your Google Buzz updates right from the icon, without needing to open new window to check your buzz updates.

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