Firefox 3.6.4 Beta Released

Download the latest updated Firefox 3.6.4 Beta version of firebox via direct download link.Firefox 3.6.4 beat is coming with our of process plugins and fixes some security issues.

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Firefox Lorentz: Google Chrome Like Plugin Crash Handling

Now you can Firefox handles plugins crashes in a better way.New Firefox Lorentz runs plugins in separate processes so that a single plugin crash wouldn’t result in the entire browser crash much like in Google Chrome

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How To Deal With “Firefox is already running..” Error ?

Know what to do when your Firefox browser not opens up showing the message “Firefox is already running, but is not responding..”.Follow these steps to fix this error.

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No Component Directory Based Third Party Add-Ons in Firefox 3.6

Firefox has decided to block or lockdown the Components directory for third party softwares to prevent the frequent crashing and other vulnerability issues.That means third party contributors can no add their add-ons to the components directory.

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Firefox 3.6 Beta Revision 4 Version Available For Download

Firefox 3.6 Beta revision 4 is now available for download.Upgrades include changes in third party software components to be installed in Firefox to prevent crashes, ability to run scripts asynchronously etc.Get your copy of it now.

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