[Tip] Turn Off Auto-Saving Email Addresses To Contacts Feature In Gmail

Learn how to disable or turn off the annoying Auto-save contacts feature in Gmail with a few clicks. Auto-Save contacts automatically saves all the email addresses of the people when you send a message to them.

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[Tip] Enable Gmail Smart Labels

A quick and easy guide on how to enable and use the newly introduced Smart Labels features in your Gmail account.

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[Tip] Turn Off Sounds In Gmail Chat

A complete guide on how to completely turn off, mute or disable sounds or sound notifications in Gmail chat for new messages.

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Activate 2-Step Verification Process For Your Google Account To Make It More Secure

A complete tutorial on how to enable and set up Google’s two-step verification for your account (for Gmail and other Google services) to make it more secure.

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[How To] Schedule Emails in Gmail with Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to send and receive emails at a prior scheduled time in Gmail. It is an add-on/plugin for Firefox and Chrome which can be installed for free. The complete tutorial is given in here.

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Chrome Gmail Desktop Notifications For Email And Chat Messages

A quick guide on how to set up free Gmail desktop notifications for emails and chat messages in Google Chrome. Gmail Desktop alerts for email and chat messages are built based on HTML5.

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Search Gmail Labs Features As You Type

Gmail Labs features have now a Google Instant search like “search as you type” feature enabled for quick search to find the right Labs feature for you.

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Make Phone Calls From Gmail For Free All Through 2011

Make free phone calls to US and Canada all through 2011 from Gmail free “call phone” service and make cheap calls to most other countries starting at $0.02/min.

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[Tip] Restore Accidentally Deleted Contacts In Gmail

Learn how to recover or restore accidentally deleted contacts in Gmail. You can recover contacts that have been deleted within the pas one month.

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Gmail For Android Gets Priority Inbox

Gmail for Android 2.3.2 has added new features like support for Priority inbox, notifications for important mails and also improved the compose mode. Download and install the Gmail Android application now!

[ More ] December 10th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Mobiles |
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