[How To] Track Your Train in Google Maps In India with Rail Radar

Indian Railways today launched the Rail Radar project in order to simplify travel by Rail in India which has one of the largest rail networks in the world. Rail Radar will help you track your train in realtime over Google Maps. This article will introduce and guide you to using the new app.

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Changing Google Chrome’s Default Search From Regional Google To Google.com

Check out our detailed guide on changing the default address bar search engine from a regional Google search version to a more generic international version of the Google by adding a new custom search engine.

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[Tip] Turn Off Auto-Saving Email Addresses To Contacts Feature In Gmail

Learn how to disable or turn off the annoying Auto-save contacts feature in Gmail with a few clicks. Auto-Save contacts automatically saves all the email addresses of the people when you send a message to them.

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[Tip] Use Google Talk Guru To Get Quick Answers In Chat

Google Talk Guru is a query-answering chatBot from Google that replies to your queries and allows you to get information related to sports, weather and search results instantly.

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Using Google Recipe Search Feature

How to use the Google Recipe view to get the right recipe results with filters for ingredients, time it takes to cook the item and also based on calorie count.

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Picasa Web Albums Multiple File Uploader

Google’s Picasa Web albums uploader now lets you upload multiple files (photos or videos) all at once to your album. Learn how to upload multiple photos at once using Picasa Web album online image upload tool.

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Enable Reading Levels In Google Search

A guide on how to enable or turn on the new reading level filters in Google advanced search. There are three reading levels: Basic, intermediate and advanced.

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[Tip] Import Delicious Bookmarks To Google Bookmarks

A quick tip on how to import all of your Delicious bookmarks into Google Bookmarks with few clicks using Google’s Delicious import tool.

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Activate 2-Step Verification Process For Your Google Account To Make It More Secure

A complete tutorial on how to enable and set up Google’s two-step verification for your account (for Gmail and other Google services) to make it more secure.

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[How To] Schedule Emails in Gmail with Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to send and receive emails at a prior scheduled time in Gmail. It is an add-on/plugin for Firefox and Chrome which can be installed for free. The complete tutorial is given in here.

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