[Alert] Orkut Affected By ‘Bom Sabado’ Worm, Stay Away For Now

Orkut “Bom Sabado” virus or worm is the latest XSS attack on the site. The hacked Orkut profiles post spam scraps to the other friends in the list. Avoid using Orkut till the issue is fixed.

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[How-To] Find Suspicious Activity In Your Gmail Account

Now you can easily detect suspicious activity in your Gmail account easily.Last account activity in Gmail will show you the IP address, browser used and the country from where your account has been last accessed.Google now alerts Gmail users over suspicious activity by using the account access details.

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Using reCAPTCHA In Your Website To Prevent Comment Spamming

This post explains using reCAPTCHA, free CAPTCHA technology based service from Google, in your website or blog.reCAPTCHA is easier to install in WordPress blogs with readily available plugin.reCAPTCHA also offering mail hide(email protection service) for users.

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Using Webmaster Tools To Find Malicious Hacks In a Website

Sometimes when your websites gets hacked and you can’t figure it out the spam content may appear only in Google search.How to check this? The Answer is suing Fetch as Googlebot in Google Webmaster Tools !! Learn how to make most of Fetch as Googlebot in Webmaster Tools

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FMS Website And It’s Hacking Woes

Just check how the reputed B-School in Delhi Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) website fms.edu was hacked.Thankfully no serious damage was done to that website.Check out weird search string in the search results snippet.

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