[Download] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Security Fix (KB2744842) – Critical Update

The security flaw in Internet Explorer, which was feared to be misused by hackers to gain unauthorized access to victim’s PCs has been fixed. Microsoft released the update Friday, as promised. You can download the update here.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9–Security Flaws, Bugs and Fixes? Use or Dump? [Advisory]

As soon as Microsoft issued an advisory that the Internet Explorer 9 or lower has a bug, the German government immediately informed all users to avoid the browser for now. Microsoft has not yet released the fix for this new bug but has released EMET v3.0 for the zero-day flaw. It is available for download now.

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[Tip] Turn Off The Clicking Navigation Sound In Internet Explorer

A quick guide on how to disable or turn off the annoying clicking navigation sound in the Internet Explorer (IE9 and IE8).

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[Tip] Change Internet Explorer 9 Search Provider

Change the default search provider in Internet Explorer 9 from Bing and set it as Google or add other search providers to IE9.

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[Download] Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Download the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (IE9 RC build) for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. IE9 RC is more stable and supports ‘do not track’ and other features.

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[Tip] Reset Internet Explorer Settings

Learn how to reset your Internet Explorer settings to default to fix the crash and hang issues with IE7, IE8 or IE9. All add-ons and customizations will be deleted once you reset the IE settings.

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[Download] IE8 & IE9 Compatibility View List

Download the latest Compatibility View List for Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9. This list includes all the websites that are best viewed with Compatibility View Mode in IE8 and IE9.

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[Tip] Swap Stop And Refresh Button Position In IE9

Learn how to move Stop and Refresh buttons to the left of the address bar (or vice versa) in Internet Explorer 9. With this trick, the Stop and Refresh buttons can be relocated to appear before the address bar.

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[Tip] Prevent Programs From Changing Default Search Engine In IE9

When you install some programs in Windows, they change your default search engine in Internet Explorer. Learn how to stop or prevent programs from changing the default search engine in IE9 and IE8.

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[Tip] Clear Cookies And Cache For A Particular Domain In IE9

Internet Explorer 9 developer tools lets the users to clear cookies and delete cache for a single domain easily. Read this article to how to do it in IE9.

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