Microsoft Internet Explorer 9–Security Flaws, Bugs and Fixes? Use or Dump? [Advisory]

As soon as Microsoft issued an advisory that the Internet Explorer 9 or lower has a bug, the German government immediately informed all users to avoid the browser for now. Microsoft has not yet released the fix for this new bug but has released EMET v3.0 for the zero-day flaw. It is available for download now.

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Save Web Forms And Refill Data Easily With Simple Form Filler User Script

Save time in filling the same web forms multiple times by saving and refilling the form automatically with a simple userscript installed on your browser.

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Search Subtitles Faster With TinySubs

Looking for subtitles to watch a foreign language movie on your PC? Try to search and download the subtitles in real-time.

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The US National Broadband Map

Search for the best broadband internet providers in your area with the United States National Broadband Map released by the FCC. A pretty useful search engine which shows the broadband connectivity of US in a map.

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[How To] Change IP Address of Your Network Adapters in Windows 7

Sometimes you need to change your IP address or need to set it manually as given by your Internet Service Provider. You can change the IP address of your Wireless or Local area network connection adapters using the given tutorial.

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Airtel Offering Free Facebook Access Till August 31

Access Facebook site on using Airtel Live in India till August 31, 2010. Learn how to activate free Facebook for your mobile and surf free Facebook officially without needing to pay for it.

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Try The New YouTube Online Video Editor

Try new YouTube Online Video Editor to show your video editing capabilities to bring out wonderful mixing of various video clips or trim the length of those long videos in your YouTube account.

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Bing Facebook Map App Shows Your Friends Location On Facebook

My Friends Map Application developed for Bing Maps show the location of your Facebook friends on a map via Bing Maps. You can see the profile pictures of your friends pinned to their locations on the Bing Maps.

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Different Ways To Watch FIFA 2010 Football World Cup Live On Your PC And Mobile

Watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa soccer (football) matches live streaming online on PC or on mobile phone. Many providers offer live webcasting and streaming through their websites or through special apps for Smartphones.

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Add A Background Image To Google Homepage

You can now add background images to Google search homepage like Find out how to add your own background image to homepage.

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