Windows 8 Pro Download, Upgrade, and Clean Install FAQs

Windows 8 Pro is available for upgrade at $40 or $14 to existing Windows PC users. Well it is a great offer, but you may not want to install as an upgrade, do you? Well your questions are answered here.

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[How To] Download Windows 8 Pro 32/64-bit from Microsoft with Upgrade Key

Windows 8 is the talk of the day for PC users. Receiving good reviews from users and critics, it seems it will work well. Moreover it is cheap when you choose to upgrade. Find out how to download a copy of your Windows 8 Pro!

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[Download] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Security Fix (KB2744842) – Critical Update

The security flaw in Internet Explorer, which was feared to be misused by hackers to gain unauthorized access to victim’s PCs has been fixed. Microsoft released the update Friday, as promised. You can download the update here.

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[How To] Check if your CPU Supports 64-bit OS or not–The Easy Way

Do you have a Windows 7 32-bit OS and you want to upgrade to a 64-bit one? Well how do you know if the upgrade will work on your computer. Here we will tell you how to find out.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9–Security Flaws, Bugs and Fixes? Use or Dump? [Advisory]

As soon as Microsoft issued an advisory that the Internet Explorer 9 or lower has a bug, the German government immediately informed all users to avoid the browser for now. Microsoft has not yet released the fix for this new bug but has released EMET v3.0 for the zero-day flaw. It is available for download now.

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[How To] Password Protecting Excel Workbook

A simple tutorial elaborating how to secure the entire workbook in Microsoft Excel. Learn how to password protect Excel workbook to protect it from unauthorized access.

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[Download] Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Download the first Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 10 from the direct download link. IE10 will feature native support for HTML5 and also supports advanced CSS3 standards.

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Download Internet Explorer 9 Final Now

Download the Internet Explorer 9 final RTM version for Windows 7 and Windows Vista using the direct download links for the IE9 standalone offline installer.

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The IE6 Countdown

Microsoft wants to move the world off Internet Explorer 6 and with the help of new website, Microsoft want to other see the IE6 usage drop to less than 1% worldwide.

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Order Free Windows 7 SP1 DVD [US And Canada Only]

Now you can order a free copy of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 DVD, if you are staying in the U.S or Canada. Learn how to order your free Windows 7 SP1 physical media DVD.

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