[How To] Disable Firefox Taskbar Tab Previews

Disable taskbar multiple tabs previews in Firefox 4 browser in Windows 7 using simple tweaks in Firefox configuration (about:config) settings.

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Access Firefox Bookmarks Easily via Bookmark Keywords

Learn how to add and use bookmark keywords in Mozilla Firefox.You can simply assign a shortcut keyword for any bookmark and access it by typing that keyword in the address bar.

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Firefox Lorentz: Google Chrome Like Plugin Crash Handling

Now you can Firefox handles plugins crashes in a better way.New Firefox Lorentz runs plugins in separate processes so that a single plugin crash wouldn’t result in the entire browser crash much like in Google Chrome

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How To Deal With “Firefox is already running..” Error ?

Know what to do when your Firefox browser not opens up showing the message “Firefox is already running, but is not responding..”.Follow these steps to fix this error.

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How To Disable Multiple Tab Previews of Browsers in Windows 7 Taskbar

Tab preview in Windows 7 may be annoying for some web browsers. If you want to disable this feature then full tutorial of how to disable multiple tab previews Mozilla firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 in the taskbar is given here.

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How To Create Profiles in Mozilla Firefox For Customized Browsing

Profile Management in Mozilla Firefox is a very useful feature where you can customize your settings for your needs. Here we have given a simple procedure how to create profiles and use it in Firefox in full detail and screen shots.

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Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 Is Out

Mozilla has announced the latest beta 1 version of upcoming Firefox 3.6.This version includes built-in support for various features like Personas, Plugin-Check, WOFF font format, enhanced JavaScript performance ,CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies support.The download file size is 7.7 MB.To download Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 check out the following link.

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How to Auto Refresh a Web Page in Firefox

Refreshing a web page in  Mozilla Firefox has always been easy in the manual way, just press F5 or CTR+R will do it for you.Let’s  say you are viewing your favourite team scores in a web page which doesn’t automatically refresh its content,then you may have to manually refresh the page so many times to […]

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Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0.8 Updated

Mozilla Corp. has updated it’s famous open source web browser Firefox to version 3.0.8, with fixing two critical vulnerability issues (MFSA 2009-13,MFSA 2009-12) on March 28,2009. Download latest version: Firefox 3.0.8 Download

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