[How To] Password Protecting Excel Workbook

A simple tutorial elaborating how to secure the entire workbook in Microsoft Excel. Learn how to password protect Excel workbook to protect it from unauthorized access.

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Covert Word Documents To PDF Using Google Docs

A quick tip to make you learn how to save or export a Word, Excel or other office documents as PDF files to your computer.

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Sync Microsoft Office To Google Docs

Google Docs Cloud Connect plugin now allows you to sync your Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs.

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Convert .doc To .docx Using MS Word 2010

Learn how to convert a .doc format office document to a newest .docx format easily using Microsoft Office Word 2010.

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Microsoft & Facebook Launch Document Sharing Service Docs.com

Microsoft has launched Doc.com powered by Office Web Apps and Facebook Connect.Docs.com lets you create Office documents online and share with your Facebook friends and also lets you to add your friends as collaborators and work together at the same time just by using a browser.

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