Changing Google Chrome’s Default Search From Regional Google To

Check out our detailed guide on changing the default address bar search engine from a regional Google search version to a more generic international version of the Google by adding a new custom search engine.

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[Spotted] Google Testing New Colorful version

Here is a sneak peak of Google’s brand new colorful version which will very soon go live for all users worldwide.I have spotted this new version in Google Chrome.

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[Video] How Google Search Works ?

When you do a Google web search, you are not actually searching the entire web, you are only searching Google’s index of the web as much as Google could find over the internet and may not include all the web pages on the internet.Here is a great video from Matt Cutts of Google explaining the stuff behind Google.

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Where To Report About Google & Yahoo Search Result Spam ?

Sometimes spammers spam the Google search for a particular keyword with lots of spam sites.If you happen to see such spam, what should you do? How to report such spam in Google and Yahoo search results to Google? Check it out here

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Funny: Microsoft Admits MSNbot is Slow !!

We all know that Bing, the search engine from Microsoft indexes web pages at a slower rate than most of the other search engines (G and Y !! for instance). But it’s interesting to note that even Microsoft admits the truth about their MSNbot 2.0 which they introduced in November 2009. Brett Yount, Program Manager […]

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