Pinging Your WordPress Blog To Google Blog Search

You can make Google to learn about your blog’s updates by pinging Google Blog Search ping service.Learn the manual and automatic ways of pining Wordpress blog to Google so as to get indexed faster in Google.

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Google’s SEO Report Card Available For Download

Google’s SEO report card is available for download.This report card even though bascially intended for Google’s engineers to have an idea about how Google’s product pages are faring in Search engines, may also be of immense use to Webmasters to prepare such an SEO report for their own website.

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Blogger ‘Blog Pages’ Allows You To Create Pages In Blogger

Blogger now allows you to create stand-alone ‘Static’ pages in blogs.This tutorial guides you how to create a static page in blog and align them using ‘Blog Pages’.Adding a page is just the same way adding a new post.

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Google Webmaster Quiz For Fun

Google Webmaster Quiz is open and will run till January 27, 2010 5 PM PST.The quiz will feature very basic questions for which every webmaster is supposed to know the answers.

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Google India Search Quality Team Wants To Review Your Website !!

Google Site Clinic: get a chance for your website to get assessed by top Google search Pros .The campaign kicks off from Jan 6, 2010 and will run till Jan 20, 2010.The webmaster will be provided with suggestions to improve their website visibility in the Google search rankings.

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Google SEO Starter Guide now in 40 languages

Search Engine giant Google had released Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide way back in November 2008.It includes a list of best practices that are being used inside Google that many webmasters would want to know.Now Google made this SEO guide to be available in 40 languages. The languages include Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified & […]

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Swapping Blogger blog title and post title -Blogger SEO tweak

In the previous post about Blogger title tweak, I’ve mentioned about the other way of optimizing blog title structure,swapping blog title name with post title name. As said earlier,default blogs title structure is “Blog Title followed by post title” for individual posts,now let’s see how to change this structure to “Post title followed by […]

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Blogger blog title tweak for better SEO is most widely used free blogging platform on the internet.Easy to use interface,ability to  publish post at one click does make it a highly recommended platform for newbie bloggers. Having said that,one must also say that Blogger  blogs are not so optimized for Search Engines.Take for instance the title structure of the individual posts […]

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