Windows 8 Pro Download, Upgrade, and Clean Install FAQs

Windows 8 Pro is available for upgrade at $40 or $14 to existing Windows PC users. Well it is a great offer, but you may not want to install as an upgrade, do you? Well your questions are answered here.

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[How To] Connect Your IDE PATA HDD, CD/DVD Drive to SATA Motherboard and Vice Versa

Do you want to connect your old Hard Disk to your new Motherboard to use a little extra space? Well that thought is much better than discarding it, don’t you think! Well we will show you how.

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[How To] Schedule Emails in Gmail with Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to send and receive emails at a prior scheduled time in Gmail. It is an add-on/plugin for Firefox and Chrome which can be installed for free. The complete tutorial is given in here.

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Download HP Media Card Reader Drivers for Windows 7

In HP laptops after upgrading to Windows 7 if you find your card reader is not working and the Mass Storage Controller Driver is missing in Device manager, then you need to manually download the driver. The download details for the driver is given here.

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[How To] Create a Shortcut To Clear Your Clipboard

If you want to know how to clear the data present in the computer clipboard after copying some important data, then you can do it by creating a simple shortcut. The details are given here.

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[Tip] Remove System Volume Information Folders

Delete or remove System Volume Information folder virus from Windows XP and Windows 7.

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[How To] Remove The “Test Mode” Watermark From Windows 7

Disable Test Mode Windows 7 Build 7600 watermark message in Windows 7. This message may even appear in licensed copies of Windows 7.

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[How To] Type The Rupee Symbol Using Your Keyboard

The Symbol for Indian Rupee has been released officially. Now the most concern of the people in India is on how to type the new symbol using their keyboard in their Windows PC. Here we are giving you the easiest way known.

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[How To] Disable or Enable Registry Editor In Windows 7

Are you looking to disable or enable Windows Registry Editor in Windows 7 for security reasons? You are looking in the right place. Here we have given the easiest solution, how to disable or enable registry editor access.

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[How To] Remove Trojan.Vundo.H or Vundo.H Virus

The Trojan.Vundo.H virus program considered to be a severe security risk can be removed easily. The complete how to and required downloads are given here.

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