[How To] Block A Contact From Sending Emails To You In Gmail

A complete guide on how to block a contact from sending an Email to your inbox in Gmail. All the emails from the blocked sender don’t reach your inbox and get deleted automatically.

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Share Files With Your Pals Instantly With Ge.tt

Ge.tt is a free real-time file-sharing service requiring no additional add-ons. You can get download links for the files that are still being uploaded and share them, and on the other end your friends can start download it even when it is still under uploading.

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[Tip] Run Program As Administrator Right From The Start Menu In Windows 7

Run or execute any program from the Start Menu search (quick search) result box directly in administrator mode (elevated rights) in Windows 7.

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[Tip] Quickly Resize Desktop Icons In Windows 7 & Vista

Quick tip on how to resize desktop icons in Windows 7 and Windows Vista using mouse scroll wheel and using classical right-click context menu.

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[Tip] Download Your Entire Facebook Data

A complete tutorial on how to download information from your Facebook account or data like photos, status updates, wall posts,messages etc. to your computer easily.

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[Tip] Enable High Quality Video Chat In Gmail

A guide on how to enable high resolution video for video chat in Gmail quickly. This is a labs feature, test it before it gets available to all the users.

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[How To] Disable Auto Sleep Mode In Windows 7

Disable of turn off the auto sleep in Windows 7 to prevent your computer from automatically going into sleep mode when it’s idle for some period of time. Changing the small settings in your current power plan will do the trick for you.

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[Tip] Open Google Page Automatcially With Every New Tab In Firefox

Set Mozilla Firefox to Open a default URL like Google.com whenever you open a new tab. You can also set Home page to open with new tabs. Read this post to learn how!

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[How To] Select Multiple Files Using Check boxes In Windows 7

Learn how to select multiple files at once using check boxes in Windows 7 and Vista. The options is disabled by default. This guide teaches you how to enable check boxes to select files in Windows 7.

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[How To] Remove Favorites From Windows 7 Explorer

A complete guide to remove Favorites from the windows explorer in Windows 7 navigation pane using simple registry hack. You can quickly enable or disable the Favorites links from the windows 7 explorer.

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