Windows 8 Pro Download, Upgrade, and Clean Install FAQs

Windows 8 Pro is available for upgrade at $40 or $14 to existing Windows PC users. Well it is a great offer, but you may not want to install as an upgrade, do you? Well your questions are answered here.

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[How To] Download Windows 8 Pro 32/64-bit from Microsoft with Upgrade Key

Windows 8 is the talk of the day for PC users. Receiving good reviews from users and critics, it seems it will work well. Moreover it is cheap when you choose to upgrade. Find out how to download a copy of your Windows 8 Pro!

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[How To] Connect Your IDE PATA HDD, CD/DVD Drive to SATA Motherboard and Vice Versa

Do you want to connect your old Hard Disk to your new Motherboard to use a little extra space? Well that thought is much better than discarding it, don’t you think! Well we will show you how.

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[How To] Password Protecting Excel Workbook

A simple tutorial elaborating how to secure the entire workbook in Microsoft Excel. Learn how to password protect Excel workbook to protect it from unauthorized access.

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[Tip] How To Activate Facebook Timeline

Facebook has released the new Facebook Timeline feature for the profiles. Learn how to enable or activate the Facebook Timeline feature for your profile on Facebook in simple steps by following this detailed guide.

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Changing Google Chrome’s Default Search From Regional Google To

Check out our detailed guide on changing the default address bar search engine from a regional Google search version to a more generic international version of the Google by adding a new custom search engine.

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[Tip] Change The Date And Time Picture Was Taken In Windows 7

A complete tutorial on how to change the “Date Taken” value data of any picture which tells us the exact date when the picture was actually taken in Windows 7 explorer.

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Top 10 Advanced Windows 7 Search Tips

Learn these advanced Windows 7 search tips to get the most appropriate results when you search in the Windows 7 search box.

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[How To] Enable Sharing Files And Folders In Windows 7

File and Printer Sharing in Windows has been very useful. In Windows 7, it is somewhat different to enable the settings and share. Here I have given the full procedure to enable the settings, firewall and IP addresses.

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[Tip] Turn Off Sounds In Gmail Chat

A complete guide on how to completely turn off, mute or disable sounds or sound notifications in Gmail chat for new messages.

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