[How to] Pin or Unpin The Contents Of a Folder in Windows 7 Taskbar

If you wan a shortcut of a folder in the taskbar of Windows 7 you can pin the folder to the taskbar. Any folder can be pinned to the task bar as a New Toolbar in the Taskbar of Windows 7. Here we have shown how to pin a folder in the Windows 7 taskbar.

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Enable Pin To Start Menu For Folders In Windows

Learn how to enable “Pin to start menu” context menu option for folders in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP to pin the folders to the start menu.

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Delete Hiberfil.sys from Windows 7, Vista & XP By Disabling Hiberation

Hiberfil.sys is a system file used for Hibernation mode of Windows which allows you to save current process and power off your computer. Now, if you do not want to use Hibernate mode of Windows then you can disable it and save space in C drive. The complete steps are given here.

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How to Create a Password Reset USB Disk in Windows 7 And Vista

Backup your Windows user login password in a USB flash drive and use the disk for resetting your password in future. After bootup when Windows asks you for the login password, plug in your Password Reset Disk and reset the password. A detailed step by step tutorial is given here.

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How To Install or Upgrade Your Laptop’s RAM (Physical Memory)

If you want to upgrade your Laptop RAM (Physical Memory) by yourself then you can follow this step by step tutorial and easily install the new RAM. The tutorial shows how a RAM looks like how to remove an old RAM and install a new one.

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Complete Tutorial: How To Disable Windows Error Reporting In Windows 7 ?

This is a complete tutorial package on how to disable windows error reporting (WER) or problem reporting in Windows 7.It can be done via three methods.All the methods have been explained using screen shots, follow them carefully.This method may also work for Windows Vista.

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