[How To] Change The Favicon In Blogger

Learn how to add or change the favicon in a Blogger (Blogspot.com) hosted blog with easy steps. Change the default favicon to show a custom favicon in your blogger blog by following the detailed steps along with images posted in this guide.

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Enable Pin To Start Menu For Folders In Windows

Learn how to enable “Pin to start menu” context menu option for folders in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP to pin the folders to the start menu.

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[How To] Undo Clicking Never Save Password For This Site In Google Chrome

Learn how to undo once you have clicked never save passwords for this site in Google Chrome.If you have clicked “Never for this site” for a login page and want to rollback and change this settings for that login page or site, follow this guide

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Display Your Custom Text On Windows Desktop

Learn how to display your own custom text on your desktop by a simple trick: editing the Windows 7 and Vista build number info via user32.dll.mui file.

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