[Tip] Enable HTTPS In Twitter

A complete guide on how to enable and use secure HTTPS mode for your Twitter account. Enable HTTPS mode immediately if you are accessing internet over public Wi-Fi networks.

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[Tip] Top 4 Ways To Schedule Your Facebook Status Updates And Twitter Tweets

These are the top 4 free ways to schedule your Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets for anytime in the future. You can schedule a tweet or facebook update to wish your friends on their birthdays and also to remember something important at that time.

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Embed A Tweet In Your Blog Post

This tutorial guides you through the latest Twitter feature Blackbird Pie, through which you can embed tweets as static HTML code in your web site or blog posts or any web page.

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Google’s New Launches: Google Follow Finder & Twitter Replay

Google has launched Google Follow Finder and Twitter Replay it features to enhance your Twitter experience.Use Follow Finder to find similar tweeple on twitter that you might want to follow and use replay feature to quickly browser through all the tweets about a topic on any given day.

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The Dalai Lama Officially Joins Twitter

The spiritual head of the Tibetan Buddhist community Dalai Lama has just started his own official twitter account @Dalailama.Just some days after @billgates joined Twitter, here is another big celebrity doing his part to reach his followers worldwide.Follow Dalai Lama twitter account at @Dalailama

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Twitter Is Hitting 50 Million Tweets Per Day !!

Twitter has today announced that the number of tweets generated per day from Twitter users has reached 50 Million tweets per day mark.The no of tweets chart shows the phenomenal increase of the Twitter site over the years 2007 to 2010.

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Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Ribbons For Websites

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace Ribbons For Websites.Ribbons will attract to the users to see where it has linked to.So it’s always good to use a ribbon for a blog as your intended message would be spread even more stronger.

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Bing Brings Twitter Search

Twitter Search right from Bing! Bing has today announced that It has integrated Twitter search in the universal Bing search, which now lets you the latest real-time tweets for your favorite topic or from the ‘Hottest topics on Twitter’. Bing is also letting users know the ‘Shared links about Hottest Topics’ that the majority number […]

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YouTube Launches Real-Time Comments Search Similar to Twitter Search

YouTube has launched Real-Time Comment Search in TestTube.This new feature as it appears is highly inspired from Twitter search.This latest addition also includes “trending topics” which indicates the hottest topics of conversation on YouTube at that particular moment.

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Yahoo’s Twitter Clone ‘Meme’ Now In English

Yahoo which made it’s official entry into ‘Microblogging’ platform a while ago by launching Yahoo Meme in Portuguese. Now Yahoo has targeted the English users worldwide by launching English version of ‘Yahoo Meme’. The following are the excerpts from Meme’s ABOUT page. What is Meme? “Meme is where you share everything you find that’s interesting”. […]

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