[How to] Install Google Android OS In Your PC

Try Google Android even without buying a T-Mobile G1/G2/G3 using LiveAndroid LiveCD disc image of the Google Android operating system. The download link and the instruction is given here.

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Think Before Using USB Flash Drives To Run Applications or OS: Advisory

Running an Operating System or an Application from a USB Flash drive for prolonged period will use up the write/erase cycles of your flash drive and result in failure. Here we are writing what are the points to be noted before running such applications from your USB pen drive.

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Install Portable Antivirus on a USB Flash Drive or an iPod

We can use a portable anti virus program which can be installed in a USB Flash drive to scan our computer. This is an easy way to disinfect an infected computer using a USB disk or an iPod. Here we have given the complete tutorial on how to use a USB flash drive to scan a computer.

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Install Windows 7 or Vista Using Bootable USB Disk Drive

How to install Windows 7 using bootable USB Disk/Pen Drive via USB boot method.The given method will also work for Vista. Windows 7 installation file should be present in ISO/DVD.Install Windows 7 in minutes using your USB flash memory stick.

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Install Windows 7 using Microsoft USB/DVD Download Tool

To install Windows 7 in your netbook with no optical drive, a USB method is needed. We can easily create a Bootable USB pen drive using the Windows 7 USB or DVD download tool from Microsoft. This bootable USB device can be used as a backup or to install Windows 7 in your netbook.

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Reset Windows XP, Vista, 7 Password Using USB Drive or CD

A lot of methods are available to recover or reset the Windows password. The famous Ophcrack is used for recovering the password. Even i have posted about using Ophcrack. But the problem is that its bulky in size. We need to download a file of size 500MB to recover the password. So I thought why […]

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Install Windows XP from USB Disk Drive

Installing Windows XP from a USB drive(pen Drive) has been an issue with less number of ideal solutions available. Here we have given a solution which is easy to follow and which works. The reason why should anybody want to install Windows from a USB drive is that using a bootable CD is always been […]

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