[Tip] Link Google Analytics Profile To Webmaster Tools

Link your site’s Google Analytics profile to Google Webmaster Tools account with these steps. Both these must be on the same Google account.

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Google Webmaster Tools Now Shows Clickthrough Data

New Top Search Queries tool in Google Webmaster Tools provieds much needed insightful data about impressions and clickthorugh rates that a page has generated in search results for a given query for different positions in the search results.

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Google Adds Sidewiki Claim, Fetch As Googlebot Mobile in Webmaster Tools

Google has added two new features to the Webmaster Tools.They are: Fetch as Googlebot-Mobile and Create your Sidewiki page owner entry.’Fetch as Googlebot mobile’ offers to get to know how your webpage appears to Googlebot mobile.

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Setting Preferred Domain In Google Webmaster Tools

This tutorial explains the basic procedure of “Setting Preferred domain (www or non-www)” using Google Webmaster Tools.This is to specify your preference of www and non-www versions of your website.All the link juice will be contained to your preferred domain thus more chances of getting good Google pagerank.

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Using Webmaster Tools To Find Malicious Hacks In a Website

Sometimes when your websites gets hacked and you can’t figure it out the spam content may appear only in Google search.How to check this? The Answer is suing Fetch as Googlebot in Google Webmaster Tools !! Learn how to make most of Fetch as Googlebot in Webmaster Tools

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How To Verify Blogger blog in Webmaster Tools

This is an outline of the process of verifying a Blogger blog in Google Webmaster tools using Meta tag verification method.As Blogger blog users can’t make use of the second method of verification i.e uploading a HTML file, using Meta tag is the only way of verifying the ownership of your blog. Image has been added to make it more easier for you.

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