How to turn off UAC in Windows 7 and Vista

Are you getting annoyed of the permission dialogues like “Windows needs your permission to continue”? If yes, you can easily disable these messages in Windows 7 and Vista. This is a new security feature and can be controlled using the User Account Control(UAC) Settings. The dialogue boxes looks like the one shown below. You can […]

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More "God Mode" Like Windows 7 GUID Shortcuts

Windows 7 God mode was the latest sensation last week as nobody really knew that a feature like that would exist.Now you would be surprised to see more GUID shortcuts like these that are uncovered by Ed Bott.Do make a note of these and save this page for future use.

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Tutorial: Enable Secret God Mode In Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Explore the less known feature in Windows 7 (in Vista too) called GodMode.GodMode can be created easily if you follow these steps.GodMode presents you with a full list of control settings all that your windows can offer.This also works in Vista too.

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NVIDIA GeForce Windows 7 Drivers Download

The Windows Aero experience you expect in Windows 7 is definitely not going to work if you are not installing the right drivers for your NVIDIA GeForce Graphics present in your computer. For this purpose NVIDIA has released a driver for your GeForce. The released Driver is GeForce Driver Release 181 Beta released on March […]

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