[Download] Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Security Fix (KB2744842) – Critical Update

The security flaw in Internet Explorer, which was feared to be misused by hackers to gain unauthorized access to victim’s PCs has been fixed. Microsoft released the update Friday, as promised. You can download the update here.

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[How To] Check if your CPU Supports 64-bit OS or not–The Easy Way

Do you have a Windows 7 32-bit OS and you want to upgrade to a 64-bit one? Well how do you know if the upgrade will work on your computer. Here we will tell you how to find out.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9–Security Flaws, Bugs and Fixes? Use or Dump? [Advisory]

As soon as Microsoft issued an advisory that the Internet Explorer 9 or lower has a bug, the German government immediately informed all users to avoid the browser for now. Microsoft has not yet released the fix for this new bug but has released EMET v3.0 for the zero-day flaw. It is available for download now.

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[How To] Connect Your IDE PATA HDD, CD/DVD Drive to SATA Motherboard and Vice Versa

Do you want to connect your old Hard Disk to your new Motherboard to use a little extra space? Well that thought is much better than discarding it, don’t you think! Well we will show you how.

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[Download] Windows Home Server 2011 Release Candidate

Download Windows Home Server 2011 (WHS 2011, codename: Vail) Release Candidate now. Microsoft has dropped Drive Extender but included new features like “Move Folder Wizard” and “Shadow Copy”.

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[Tip] Lock Your Desktop With Transparency

Download the Windows freeware “ClearLock” to lock your desktop with a transparent desktop screen in the background through which you can see what is running on the desktop.

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[Fix] “Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware” Error

A guide on how to fix or resolve the “Windows Setup could not configure Windows on this computer’s hardware” error while installing Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 with the disk that is configured to emulate a RAID disk.

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[How To] Disable System Beep Sounds In Windows 7

A comprehensive tutorial on how to turn off or disable the internal speaker system beep sounds in Windows 7 computer using device manager or control panel.

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[How To] Create a Shortcut To Clear Your Clipboard

If you want to know how to clear the data present in the computer clipboard after copying some important data, then you can do it by creating a simple shortcut. The details are given here.

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Delay Services In Windows 7 To Speed Up The Boot Time

Delay the startup of a Windows service to boot Windows 7 and Windows Vista more faster. Delayed startup services will start only after the complete Windows boot.

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