How to Take Ownership and Grant Permissions to a File or Folder In Windows 7 or Vista

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There are certain Files and folders in Windows that we cannot access, modify or delete. Such kind of files are system files which have limited access rights to the users.

But sometimes we need to access some files or change some file according to our need. Such an example is System Volume Information. This folder is not accessible but if we want to know how much size its taking and what files are there inside, we have to take ownership and grant access to this folder. Another example is with the mfpmp.exe file of Windows Media Player which users like to delete for problems with subtitles and all.

permission denied

So, here we have given the easiest way of taking ownership and granting full access to the files and folders in Windows 7 and Vista.

Method 1: Using Command Prompt. (Preferred One – easier)

Step 1: Open Command Prompt in Administrator Mode. Press Start + R,

Type cmd and Press Ctrl+ Shift + Enter.

Step 2: In the Command prompt type takeown /f “location path +file name or folder name”. See the example below:

Step 3: Again type icacls “File or folder path and file name” /grant <user name>:F. Example:

This will look like:

take ownership of a folder

Same thing for a file. Below example is for mfpmp.exe.

take ownership of a file

To revoke the permissions just replace the grant with deny.

Note: If you have a space in Between your User name then put “”. Example:

icacls  “C:\\System Volume Information” /grant “Techrena dot Net” :F

Method 2: Using the properties menu.

Step 1: Right Click on the File or Folder you want to own and select Properties.In the Properties go to Security Tab from General Tab. Then Click On Advance.


Step 2: In the advanced menu go to Owner tab, Click on Edit. Select your Username. If you want to own the Subfolders and files then Check the box. Click Apply and then OK.



Step 3: Not to grant the permissions, Go to Permissions Tab. Click on Change Permission. Then Click on Add..Type your username and click OK. Now, it will show the Permissions Entry menu.  If you want Full control(Edit, Delete, Modify) then Check Full, else select the permissions you want. and click OK.

Chang_ File_Access_Permission




Now you have successfully completed taking ownership of a file or a folder. You can do whatever you want with the file or folder.

Important Note: Please be careful with the System Volume Information folder. It was given here just as an example. Do not modify any permission to this folder as it contains all your system restore information. If you have changed to see the files, then please revoke the permissions after you are done. Any changes in the folder may lead to unwanted results especially in case of virus attacks,

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One Response to “How to Take Ownership and Grant Permissions to a File or Folder In Windows 7 or Vista”

  1. brand nom Says:

    well you delivered what the title of the article is however this method will not allow me to delete folders I created inside C:\System~1 in Win7 x64..

    CMD also gave me errors reading said folder unless I truncated it (C:\System~1)even inside quotes! In order fo me to move or delete files I had to add “everyone” to permissions, not sure why that would matter? So Im still stuck with folders I created (New Folder (1), New Folder (2)..) and I still cannot rename or delete them.

    I was also given specific errors on not being able to change permissions of certain files or folders (not sure what it was, it looked like a namespace string) when applying permissions to C:\System~1.

    Ill try playing around with it some more and post back if I had any luck. thanks for your effort!

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