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October 8th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in How To by bharath

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We have just covered a tutorial on how to get started with the Facebook revamped groups features. Even though they are good if we consider the fact that you will get notifications whenever a member of your group perform actions like someone ‘Adds you to a Group’, ‘Posts on the wall of one of your group’, ‘Makes you group admin’ etc. But if the group that you have joined has huge number of active users and this can generate too many annoying notification mails. If you want to get a way around to block all these annoying notifications from groups, follow this step-by-step guide:

Disable Notifications For Individual Groups:

1. Go to the group page for which you want to turnoff notifications.

2. Click “Edit Settings” button Edit settings of groupfound on the top left.

3. In the popup window, uncheck “Email notifications to:..” and click “Save Settings”.

Edit group settings

[You can also visit this groups notifications settings page to quickly disable settings for individual groups.]

This will stop all notifications being delivered to your email for that particular group.

Disable Notifications For All Groups:

If you think that you have had enough with the annoying notifications and want to disable all such notifications from all the groups for which you are a member, follow these instructions:

1. Go to this Facebook notifications page. (You can also get to this page via > Account> Account Settings and choose “Notifications’ tab.

2. Under the groups section, you will find “Groups” section displaying all your current notification preferences.

Edit groups notification settings

Uncheck against all the options to completely disable notifications from all the groups you are part of.

That is it. You will no longer receive notifications from Facebook groups.

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One Response to “[How To] Turn Off Facebook Group Notifications”

  1. Derick Says:

    That stops emails yes but does not stop the popup that displays at the bottom left everytime there is activity in a group you have joined. The group I am a member of does this constantly and has become so annoying that I left the group and now have to go to the group under another a 2nd profile when I just want to add comments upload pics to that group. Facebook is getting worst than Google and we all know how irritating Google is.

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