UniverCell Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010 – A Beautiful Experience

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I was very much excited for this event as this was my first bloggers meet. The event was interesting in every part of it and didn’t even find a single boring moment (Which usually happens in most of the meets). It was very well organized and beautifully executed. We wholeheartedly thank the IndiBlogger team for organizing such an exciting event and we also thank UniverCell for sponsoring it.

I am putting forward my experience in the whole event below.

Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010

Image Source: Aditya

Arrival and Startup

I reached the venue at 1:50 PM, which was quite early and I was one of the first bloggers to arrive. The conference hall was almost empty. The IndiBlogger team showed a warm hospitality.

By 2:30 PM the Hall was almost full. But as we were expecting more attendees, the meet started around at 2:40 PM. The IndiBlogger team was introduced to us. We got to know the whole team and got the idea whom to catch if our blog is rejected from IndiBlogger. One of the team member even rode a bike from Mumbai to Hyderabad to attend the meet. The introductory video featuring Adolf Hitler showing his desire for attending the meet to fulfill his hunger for Hyderabadi Dum Biryani was completely superb and hilarious.

30 Seconds of Fame (The Most Exciting one)

We had to introduce ourselves in 30 seconds. I got to know a lot on new people. The blogosphere in Hyderabad included from Movie Directors, Government employees, IT professionals to Mothers, Pensioners, etc. Most of the blogs were about their personal experience, life, social problems. Some were about poetries, songs and others were about jokes, sensible bakwas, humours, nothing, everything and so on.


Some people were nervous about the introduction. And i don’t know why many people compared the intro part with a matrimonial event? It was an exciting one, grey haired people searching for other grey haired ones, jobless people searching for helpers job providers, etc.

Live & let comment

This was another fun part. Mingling with each other, getting to know new people and writing about the person whom you hardly know. Enjoyed every part of it.

My Comment chart was almost filled. So one commenter wrote:

follow@anicode: “This guy is getting a lot of comments. So I am gonna spam!”

My friend Supraja wrote: “Craziest person ever seen”. I didn’t understand why she had to express that I am crazy on the comment chart? Guess she got the guts as it was the IndiBlogger’s meet!

The UniverCell Blogger Quiz by Riyaz Usman

The quiz was an interesting and a well researched one. Many topics and discussions were covered from Wikipedia, facebook, to Tharoor’s Tweet. This part was engaging.

Mingling session / High Tea

We had a good time talking to new bloggers over a cup of coffee. Just felt that we Bloggers had constructed our own identity. As a blogger I felt really happy to see other bloggers around me.

IndiBlogger Forum: Open discussion

In this session we decided an open discussion forum for the Hyderabad Bloggers as hyderabadbloggers.in. Hope we got to meet each other in the forum soon.

At last there was a group photo session. It was fun. Everyone wanted another photo because of the reasons like I didn’t smile!

Confession and A Sincere Apology

I am really sorry that I forgot to return the sketch pen which I got for commenting. Sorry!

Jokes apart, I sincerely thank IndiBlogger and UniverCell for making this event happen. I thank you for the Hospitality and also the T-Shirt. We are looking forward for similar events in future. Our confidence and morale as a blogger has been greatly enhanced after this meet.

Thank You!

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9 Responses to “UniverCell Hyderabad IndiBlogger Meet 2010 – A Beautiful Experience”

  1. Garima Says:

    Just like who you are..you have given a very nice and simple flowchart of the whole meet.

  2. Dennis Says:

    @Garima: Yes you are right, I know its in the form of a flowchart or a step by step procedure…what to do, I know how to write in this manner only 🙂

  3. Nafisa Says:

    Hey Dennis, its really good to know that you enjoyed the event. Thanks for coming on time & and please dont be sorry for the sketch pen 😀

  4. Yogesh Patel Says:

    Hi Bharath, Good to see your blogpost so early, I was a bit tired to posted it this morning, have a look here http://www.onlinetipsblog.com/univercell-indiblogger-meet-hyderabad-2010-pics-review/

  5. bharath Says:


    Actually, it was Dennis who posted this, even I was tired to post one y’day 😛

  6. Rashmi Says:

    My sketch pen!!!!!!!!! I think you should come down for the blogger meet in bangalore on the 2nd of May and return the sketch pen then.. that way, you get to attend another meet real soon and i get the sketch pen back.. 🙂 What say you?

  7. dennis Says:

    @ Rashmi: Yes of course..I will try my level best to be there….

  8. achuta ramaiah Says:

    Nice reporting !! keep it up !!
    Wg Cdr ( R)  S A Ramaiah
    and S V Ramani blogger of  “Ramani’s Receips”

  9. vinni Says:

    I am glad you enjoyed it mate; and was good seeing so many people as well!
    This is the first time we took a group snap, and it already is such a big hit! I see this on every blog about the meet!
    Good stuff!

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