[Downloads] CD-DVD-BlueRay Recovery 1.0

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Till date CDs and DVDs are the most widely used media to store data (although USB flash drives are fast replacing them). If you want to keep some important data for a longer duration, we prefer them more than any other media types.

Although these optical disks are reliable, sometimes may get scratches and other types of damages, if not maintained and stored properly. This may lead to loss of the whole data stored on the particular disk.

If in some essential case, if you need to deal with a damaged optical media disk and need to recover the data stored on that particular CD or DVD or Blu-Ray in office, you can think of the free tool CD-DVD-BlueRay Recovery.

This software is designed specifically for Windows Operating System for recovering corrupted files on the CD/DVD/BlueRay. This is particularly useful for retrieving digital media files, documents and text files.

Download CD/DVD/BlueRay Recovery 1.0 (566 KB)

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