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Microsoft has released the first platform preview of the upcoming Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)  browser.  Looks like Microsoft learnt lessons from the success of Chrome and is now more keen to take on it and that might be the reason why we are seeing a platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 just weeks after Internet Explorer 9 final was released. IE10 is just under three weeks of development as of now and we already have a platform preview! Internet Explorer 10 will have native support for HTML5 and supports emerging CSS3 standards like CSS3 Multi-column Layout, CSS3 Grid Layout, Flexible Box Layout, CSS3 Gradients on background images, 3D Transforms and ES5 Strict Mode etc. Microsoft has said that it would update IE10 every 8-12 weeks.

IE10 Platform Preview 1

The Platform Preview of IE10 is available only for Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Web developers can download  the preview from the link added at the bottom of this post. The Platform Preview builds (upcoming) require some specific updates (KB2454826) to be installed on your Windows 7 machine to render Platform Preview graphics, media and printing functionalities. IE10 Platform Preview should install all the prerequisites automatically. But in case of any error during the installation, users have to manually install the updates before installing the Platform Preview. For more detailed instructions on installing the require updates prior to the installation of Platform Preview, head over to this page.

Download Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 1 [Direct Link ]

[via] Microsoft Official IE Blog

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