[Tip] Change The Date And Time Picture Was Taken In Windows 7

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Date picture taken in Windows 7

The modern day digital cameras include the time and date of the picture when you take snaps with them. This is very useful, when you see the pictures in future and want to know when it was taken. These details can be seen from the information along with the picture’s metadata when you transfer them to the PC. Fine, everything is good. But what would happen when you travel to a different time zone and forgot to reset the time and date in your camera’s settings? The digital camera would then stamp incorrect time and date onto your pictures. This is a common problem but fortunately, there is a great workaround available if you are using Windows 7. To see the “Time Taken” data of the picture, select the picture and then notice it on the details pane at the bottom of the window.

Let’s now see how to change the date when a picture was taken, on the Microsoft Windows 7 in 5 simple steps. Follow the steps briefed below.

I. Changing The Date When A Picture Was Taken:


1. Open the folder where the target pictures reside.

2. Select the picture for which you want to change the date.

3. Now move your focus to the details pane at the bottom of the window.

Picture Taken Date Change in Windows 7

4. Click next to the “Date taken” and then click on the calendar icon to choose another date.

5. Click Save to change the settings that you have just changed.

Tip: You may also choose multiple pictures in the step 2 by holding down CTRL while selecting one or more pictures.

Note: If you don’t see any details pane, it might have been disabled. Read our earlier tutorial to enable the details pane in Windows 7 explorer.

II. Changing Both The Time And Date When A Picture Was Taken:

The aforementioned method changes only the date on which the picture was taken but not the time when it was captured. Follow these steps to change both the time and date when the picture was taken.


1. Press the Windows key on your Windows 7 machine and type photo gallery in the search box and open the “Windows Live Photo Gallery” from the results under the ‘Programs’.

Photo Gallery Windows 7 start menu search

2. Import the picture for which you want to change the date and time metadata and double-click on it to open it.

Windows Photo Gallery Picture info

3. On the right hand side pane (Tag and caption pane), notice the “Information” section. You will see the ‘Date Taken’ data being listed there.

4. Click on the corresponding date and time values which you want to change.

Windows Photo Gallery picture info edit

That is it. The picture will have new values for “Date Taken” metadata. Isn’t that simple?

[Via: Microsoft]

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6 Responses to “[Tip] Change The Date And Time Picture Was Taken In Windows 7”

  1. bangalore flowers Says:

    I really like the way you have written this article for us. I would greatly appreciate your writing skills and can expect few more article in near future.I will definitely like to visit you site for more useful readings. Thanks for this post.

  2. Mith@Auto Transport Says:

    This is an great feature from Windows 7.I was thinking to my self that what if some one edits or changes the original date or time to a false one with this.That is for sure from now that an image from digital camera with date can not be a proof for that only date.

  3. Sortfolio Clone Says:

    Great article ..its really very interesting to read the way you have written is really amazing and have given very useful information ..technology is growing day by day but it is not reached among all only these kind of posts reach us about the latest features . Thanks a ton for this informative post

  4. Dr. Christa Herzog Says:

    This is truly an impressive article, thanks for the good insight, I will look forward for your next post to learn new things from you.

  5. John Ernest Says:

    Oh so that’s how you change the date and time! I thought it was permanent and can’t be changed unless you alter it! Thank you for this tutorial!

  6. Jon Wells Says:

    The date/time doesn’t change, however, if viewed in Windows Explorer or Picasa.  So the basic record apparently is only changed in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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