[How To] Change Desktop Icons For Computer And Recycle Bin

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Windows 7 can show desktop shortcuts for any program (you can add as many as you can), but by default shows the following:

Computer, User file’s folder, Network, Recycle Bin (full), Recycle Bin (empty)

default desktop shortcuts

Windows shows some default icons for “My Computer” (Computer in Windows 7) and “Recycle Bin” and other shortcuts on the desktop as shown:

Computer icon in windows 7Recycle bin icon in windows 7

If you want to change these icons and add your own icons, follow these instructions:


1. Right-click on empty space and choose “Personalize”:

Personalize in desktop context menu

2. A new Personalization window opens up. Click “Change desktop icons” link in the window.

change desktop icons shortcut in personailzation Windows 7

3. Select the item for which you want to change the desktop icon (example; Computer, Recycle Bin etc., ) and click on “Change Icon”.

desktop icon settings for computer

desktop icon settings for recycle bin

4. In the next step, choose an icon from the list of the icons available already or you can even browse for icons in your computer. You can also create your own icon using the many freeware software available on the internet.

change icon desktop icons

You are done! Check the desktop icon back and it should reflect the change as shown:

computer icon changed

You can change desktop icons for the any of the five items discussed at the beginning of this post. Mean while if you are facing problems with broken icons on your desktop, read this post to fix the broken icons.

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