My IP Neighbors- Find Other Domains Hosted On Same Server

December 30th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Internet by bharath

My IP Neighbors is a great site to find the other websites hosted on your same web host/ server.Often this is useful particularly in case if you are using a shared hosting service, as all these websites will be hosted on the same server/ IP address.

Visit My IP Neighbors, Just enter the name of the website like ‘’ for instance in the text field to look up the other websites hosted on the same server as that of

The result is as shown:

IP Neighbors = Google ?

The other domains on the same server are,, &

and folks, is taking us to Google Homepage when I tried to access.Please don’t ask me more about this site as I haven’t even heard before it, but interestingly, Google owns this domain.Whois Lookup also included in the results, courtesy

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  1. Yogesh Patel Says:

    To perform the action of checking sites hosted on same IP you can easily do it and there are a number of sources for such purpose.

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