Get A Cr-48 Chrome Notebook As Part Of The Google’s Pilot Program

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Google Chrome OS

Google has yesterday officially announced the details of the upcoming Google Chrome OS and also showcased the first ever Chrome OS laptop called “Cr-48 Chrome Notebook”. The netbook will have a 12.1-inch screen with a full sized (but tweaked a bit) keyboard, Qualcomm Gobi 3G chip (Verizon-only in US), Wi-Fi, more than 8 hours of usage on battery, a webcam and flash storage. The keyboard has been made such a way that there are no traditional “Caps lock” and “function” keys on it. Instead a new “Search” key has been added in place of the “Caps lock” key, which lets you quickly access the Google search just with a click. The full keyboard looks almost similar to that of Apple’s keyboard.

Cr-48 Chrome OS laptop

Google has launched a Chrome OS Pilot Program, through which it will initially distribute the Cr-48 Chrome OS laptops to those who are really interested in testing them out. Later, by mid-2011, laptop makers Acer and Samsung should be coming up with their own laptop models based on the Chrome OS. If you want to get this laptop, go here and apply.

Test drive Chrome notebook

Google is giving away only limited number of models for testing to interested users and if you are lucky (if you are in the US, chances are high!) you could also be one of those who get their hands on this notebook even before most of the others could get, Good luck!

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