Changing Google Chrome’s Default Search From Regional Google To

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If you use Google Chrome much and love searching right from the address bar, you might be knowing that any search you perform from the address bar will take you to a regional Google search like or etc.

Google Chrome Addess bar Search regional

In case you want the search results from the more generic version of the Google (i.e and are looking to change the settings so as to reflect the same in the Google Chrome’s address bar default search, here are the steps you need to follow:



1. Right click on the address bar and choose “Edit Search Engines”.

Google Chrome Edit Search Engines

Alternatively you can access the search engines settings by typing the following URL in the address bar:


2. You will notice that the regional version of the Google search engine has been set as your default search engine under the ‘Default Search Options’ as shown in the following screenshot.

Google Chrome Search Engines list

3. We need to add a new custom search engine (in our case the international version of the Google) and then make it the default search engine.

Google Chrome add a search engine

To do that type the name of your new search engine in the empty box and then type the keyword (There are no rules in filling these two boxes). That now leaves you with the URL box which holds the key. As we need a international version of the Google to serve us, key in this value (and hit Enter):


Google Chrome Search Engines add new Google

4. Now that we have added a new search engine, we are now left with making it the default search engine. Hover your mouse over the newly added search engine and you will now see an “Make default” option right next to the search engine entry. Click the ‘Make default‘ button as shown in the screenshot:

Google Chrome Search engines newly added


5. You will now notice that your newly created search engine has been made the default search engine and is found under the ‘Default Search Options’ listing.

Google Chrome Search Engines new default search options

6. You have successfully changed the default search engine of your Google Chrome and you might want to test it.


Perfect! Isn’t it?

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8 Responses to “Changing Google Chrome’s Default Search From Regional Google To”

  1. 2handmade Says:

    Good study, bro!

  2. vhien Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I would try this one. Hope it’ll work on me. 

  3. John Says:

    Thanks for the tips i always have problem searching things on netl.
    Some times i have to serch on regional but most of the time i use only .com search.
    Your post is very useful and showed great feature in chrome.

  4. Sortfolio Clone Says:

    Good article …very informative post . Thanks for sharing you have provided really good stuff about chrome

  5. naomi Says:

    have tried it and it worked out! thanks for informative article;P

  6. Dr. Christa Herzog Says:

     Thanks for taking the time to post such valuable information.Thank you for posting this article. It is very helpful and interesting.

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