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May 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Internet by bharath

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For people like me Google isn’t just a search engines, it’s more than that.I bombard it with lot of innovative queries/question to find accurate answers.This accuracy will only get better in Google, as they have announced a new feature in Google search that shows the short answers to your questions on Google, queries that you perform to find some basic facts.

For example, if you search for independence day of india, this is what you’d see as the first result.

The first result August 15 is the short answer to your query here.

Google Short Answers

If you expand Show sources,you will see the list of sources from where the result snippet has been taken.For example, try searching Sachin Tendulkar Date Of Birth:

Google Short Answers test

I guess this would be a time saving feature in Google search.You need not read the entire web page to get your answer just the result page would suffice.Remember that Google may not show these short answers to all types of your queries.

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