Solve YouTube Rebuffer Problem When You Switch To Full Screen Mode

A complete guide on how to solve the YouTube auto rebuffer problem due to switching to high resolution (360p to 480p) when you switch to full screen mode while playing the video. This is caused by a new Auto-HD feature introduced in YouTube lately.

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Display Your Custom Text On Windows Desktop

Learn how to display your own custom text on your desktop by a simple trick: editing the Windows 7 and Vista build number info via user32.dll.mui file.

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Saving YouTube Videos From Temp File To Your Hard Drive

Download or save a YouTube video directly from your windows internet temporary cache file to your hard disk without any software or tool.All you need to do is follow the procedure give here to get FLV file from a “tmp” file associated with that YouTube video.We just make use of HoboCopy to get the FLV file from the fla temp file.

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How To Show ‘Post Excerpts’ Only On Archive Pages In WordPress

By default some Wordpress themes won’t show post excerpt on archive pages (tag archives, category archives, author archives), instead they show full length posts.This tutorial shows you how to enable post excerpt on archive pages in WordPress blogs.

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